CCTv Services & Fire Alarm System Chandigarh

Pacific Security Solutions (PSS) has started its operations in 2008. Our main goal was to built the company following three important rules:

1) Providing quality products, importing from the most experienced companies in the field of complete security systems.

2) Low prices so that our products can be available at everywhere.

3) Excellent customer service with in time frame.

An important aspect of any successful business is safety and security. From preventing employee theft to protecting your workers and products, a proper security camera system can be the key to keeping things running smoothly. With quality services, competitive pricing, and a full line of the best in CCTV products, we can fill all of your camera security needs. We provide not only the equipments, but a local professional engineer to install your cameras and network.


August 21, 2009 at 6:06 am


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